Monday, July 25, 2011

24 July 2011

Remember my greens?

The ones the caterpillars are so nicely sharing with me?

I was right -- these little black dots are definitely some sort of caterpillar egg. So I felt bad, but I flicked them all off again. Sorry little caterpillars. It seems to be making a little difference, at least, but the leaves are still quite well munched.

The whole garden took a hit this week with the hot--ridiculously hot--whether we've had. The first day of the heat, it seemed like the tomatoes just turned yellow and died.

I guess it's hard to tell from these pictures, but I lost a bunch of plants.

This is my little yellow cherry tomato plant. I had two of them, and they have produced beautiful fruit. But I think they're that type of tomato that just sort of produces once and then is done. They look fried.

The basil lives on. We've eaten quite a bit of it this week.

The red cherries continue to produce like gangbusters.

And the greens live on, very tall, despite the munching.

I don't know why I can't bring myself to fully uproot all the arugula, but this week I at least "thinned" it -- plucked out about half.

And now, some eating! Our delicious insalata caprese, which we've had three times already.

And Ken's spaghetti and meatballs, today with flash roasted tomato sauce and basil from the garden. I had it with a julienne of zucchini today, which was way way way way better than the fake noodles we tried before.

Happy the garden survived the week.

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