Saturday, April 21, 2012


Thanks for your good advice and tough love, Natalie.  You're right -- the Zambian Greens have bolted.  Pretty yellow flowers though! 

I'm reminded of all the fields of a different variety of this plant in North Dakota (and maybe right across the border into Canada, yes, Dad?).  I think the fields smell bad, but the mass of yellow is very pretty.  If I'm not wrong, they make canola oil out of some part of the plant.  Dad, I'd love all the corrections you may have to my lies.

This is the only plant that hasn't gone to seed, and I suspect it's because it was accidentally chopped off sometime last year.  So my strategy was to chop all the rest of them off too (I couldn't quite bear to dig them up, Natalie!  My constitution isn't strong enough for all this.)

And speaking of Dad, let me mention that the potatoes seem to be growing, however humbly.

Quite a slug.  (Right?)

I still haven't planted the peas or anything else.  My structural arrangement isn't set up quite right, meaning:  I lost my key to the storage shed where the pea seeds reside and I keep forgetting to ask Ken for it on days when I have time available to plant.  Those days have been few and far between, so maybe I really am just a summer/fall gardener and not a spring gardener after all.

I also want to dump a bunch of dirt on top of the lasagna so I'm trying to figure out how to make that happen with both good dirt and cheap dirt.
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